Fake Review Websites

Spotting a Fake Review Site

Are you finding similar “Best Reviews” websites? Are they all reviewing the same products or companies?

Why Review Sites?

Most often we use Google Search to find the products or services we are looking for

Show me how to tell whether the Reviews are real or just an Affiliate link

How to know if a review blog or site is an affiliate website? Today virtually all big companies have some sort of affiliate program. They offer high paying commissions to Affiliates

Other Affiliate sites

24Option.com and 888sport.com offer some of the highest affiliate commissions in the sports betting and gambling niche

Fighting Back Against Fake Reviews

Amazon, The Federal Trade Commission, Yelp and even the New York Attorney General to name just a few are suing fake review sites

Other Website Reporting on Fake Review Websites

Online shopping scams. How to identify fake sites



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